Hello, my name is

Born in 1972 in Lima, Peru.
A very complicated year.

Studied economics, got a degree and all.
Never got to wear that new tie, though.
Enrolled as a volunteer for the Macaw Project in the Peruvian Amazon
and vanished.

1994 Copywriter at Publicistas Asociados. Director wannabe.
Director and copywriter at Publicistas Asociados.
Horrible work, great learning.

1996 Vancouver Film School, Film Directing.

1997 Madrid, Spain. Directing commercials.
Production companies: Hello, Zoetrope, Group, Puente Aereo.
Small Brands, big brands, fun projects.

2005 Barcelona. Identity crisis hits again. Creative? Director?
Back to agency.
Creative Director at *S.C.P.F...
Great learning, awards, bling bling.

2006 Things look clear now, directing is my thing.
Bye creative.
Alamo Films. Work, Work, Work.

2009 Landia, my new nut house. Barcelona, Madrid, Buenos Aires and L.A.

2012 Wondering. Just wondering...

A very complicated year.

The other Allan is an obsessive cook.
He designs robots and installations from scratch.
He operates a lathe, a CNC mill and a 3D printer.
He has a passion for birds, planes, long stews and mechanisms.
And he's one of those guys that fills the end of their cv with hobby stuff.
Just in case.